Artist Statement - Dick Strom

Throughout most of my life I've felt a strong urge to experiment with joining certain unusual pieces of old metal with others to create whimsical yet decorative and useful art forms. To my mind, the decorative garden art pieces that materialize from my home shop are the ultimate recycling product. Garden gates are welded together from antique parts and pieces purchased locally and throughout the Southwest. Salmon and other fish of various sizes and configurations employ used horseshoes for scales. Seahorses are fancifully created from the likes of old gears, blacksmith tools, and wrenches. Flamed firepits are plasma-cut, MIG-welded, and grinder-finished from old propane barrel ends. From garden trellises to playful rusty cats, my metal creations enchant homeowners and amuse visitors to my world.

If you have a certain special welded-art piece, gate, trellis, whatever, in mind, please contact me and let us see what I can come up with. I've included old "lucky" horseshoes in metal art works for some of my many customers, and I can do the same for you with old family heirlooms you may want artistically displayed.

I'm always looking to purchase old metal parts, pieces, tools and implements that I can combine in my creations. So, if you have virtually anything made of metal for which you no longer have use, let me give it a new and glorious life as metal art.

By the way, the name "BAPATOMS" was the early attempt of some of my grandchildren to say, "Grandpa Strom." Even though most of them can now express themselves well, I'm still known among my eight grandchildren as Bapatoms. So, when it came time to name this company, Bapatoms was the hands-down name of choice.

I look forward to meeting you to discuss the possibilities of working together.
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